The Role of Bricks in Today’s Society


Bricks are the essential foundation of every house, and it has come a long way since its inception. Once made of mud and left to dry in the sun, it is now made of clay and sand, and then fired in kilns to strengthen it. Fast forward to the present, the red bricks that we often see today can be found in almost every corner of the world.

Different kinds of bricks

In the market today, there are many kinds of bricks and companies such as Stonewall Glasgow carry the traditional range, buff brown range, Scottish range, red range, stone walling, blue black range, and even the tradesman range. The different materials used and the way it is produced, contributes to the wide range of bricks available. There are even alternatives like stone wall bricks and brick tiles which allow you to decorate your wall, eliminating the need for building a brick wall from scratch.

Uses and advantages of bricks

Building your wall or house with bricks can be a costlier option, but in the long run, there are many benefits in it. Walls that are made of brick acts as an insulator by storing heat and cool air. On a hot day, they offer a cooling effect. On a cold day, they offer a warming effect. This means that you would require lesser energy consumption for both warm and cold weather, effectively saving you money. By absorbing humidity, it reduces the chances of having mould in the house.

Qualities of a good brick

The qualities of a good brick that is used in the construction of structures should be: hard enough not to be scratched, not breaking into pieces when dropped from a height of one metre, having a uniform colour all around, and it should be uniform in shape and have a standard size without too much deviation.

Interior design

The brick has found its way into modern homes through the help of interior designers who have utilised it in their projects. To create an industrial themed home, brick tiles are added to the wall (either fully or partially) and these brick tiles come in a variety of tone and colours to match the homeowner’s taste. Coupled with the right furnishing, it has brought about a wave of popularity among those who are looking for something different and bold.

Additional services provided

In engaging a brick specialist company, they are likely to provide additional services (other than the sale of bricks) such as brick cutting to provide you a specific shape or size, or even brick matching to help you find the brick you desire. In some cases, they are even willing to fabricate your desired bricks, but it will cost much more.

Bricks have always been the traditional method of erecting walls and building houses. In recent times, cost cutting measures like hollow blocks and partition filled with rock wool have appeared, substituting the brick wall. While these may be cheaper, the quality of bricks still surpasses them all, making it the most popular choice for those who are willing to pay more for quality.

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