Make Room for Mom: Home Extensions


When first buying a home, most people pick out one that has a little growing room. Young families, especially, want to ensure that they have room for their future kids and pets. Sometimes a home begins to feel smaller as time goes on. The extra furniture and toys can really take up a lot of space. Aging parents are another part of life that may result in the need for more space. Older individuals may also need special accommodations. They may be unable to climb the stairs to an upstairs bedroom, for example. Adding on to your home can make everyone more comfortable.

Extra Bedrooms

Many families have all of the bedrooms full while the kids are growing up. When grandparents move in, they are often set up in the dining room or study. A home extensions company in East Kilbride can help you find a better solution. A bedroom also needs to be in an accessible space in case a wheelchair or walker needs to be used. An extra bedroom can be added to the home by using space from the backyard or garage.

Special Bathrooms

Bathrooms for elderly people need to have safer showers and bathtubs. There also needs to be railings in several places. The current bathrooms are often not big enough for these accommodations. A new bedroom can have a bathroom attached or a bathroom can be placed in an easy to reach location. They need to be set up properly.

  • Hand rails to prevent falls
  • Shower with a sitting area
  • Walk-in bathtub

Your home can easily be extended when it is time to make room for mom or dad. Add an accessible bedroom or safe bathroom. The whole family can be put at ease.

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