Start Now to Prepare Your Home for Spring


The winter may be the perfect time to hibernate but it can also be a great chance to get a head start on spring renovations. Here are easy ways to prepare your home now to be ready for spring.

  1. Install Ceiling Fans

If you have rooms that are uncomfortably hot in the summer, winter is the perfect time to install a ceiling fan. If you wait until your home heats up, not only will you probably encounter a picked over selection of fans at your local store, you will have to endure excess heat while you install the fan. Because heat rises, weather than is uncomfortable for you while you’re seated or standing in your home may lead to unbearably hot temperature near your ceiling. Since that’s where you’ll need to be to install your ceiling fan, timing is important. Your new ceiling fan will also come in handy during the winter to help move the warmer air down where you can enjoy it. (You can see a wide range of ceiling fans at creoven.)

  1. Prepare Flower Beds

Unless you live in an area where your ground is frozen during the winter, now is the perfect time to begin preparing your yard for spring. It will be easier to remove undesirable plants while the ground is soft from recent rain or snow. Once warmer weather arrives there will be new plant growth to make unwanted vegetation harder to remove. This is also a great time to expand or create new flower beds. Stone edging can be added while the soil is soft so you’ll be ready to plant as soon as the weather warms up. Add mulch now to keep newly cleared flower beds free from vegetation as the weather warms.

  1. Fix Outdoor Drainage Problems

If your yard has places where water pools, now is a perfect time to identify these areas. Accumulate rain and melted snow can cause problems with your home’s foundation if it pools around your house. Elsewhere levelling problems can result in puddles of water forming which can turn into black ice on your gravel path or walkway created by paving stones. Again, the cooler weather and softer ground can make it easier to fix these problems now, rather than the summer when grass and other plants are no longer dormant.

  1. Plant Blubs

Prepare for flowerbeds filled with rich colours by planting bulbs early. Often people wait until the weather is too warm. This creates less than optimal growing conditions for full development of flowers like tulips and other bulbs.

  1. Clean Out Your Attic

Once the weather warms up, it will probably be too hot to comfortably work in your attic or crawlspace for very long. This makes now the ideal time to avoid the stormy weather outside by organizing things inside. Once you’ve cleaned up, check to see if installing a ventilation system in your attic or crawl space will help make your home more comfortable in the summer. Cleaning and organizing your home now will give you a jumpstart on the spring. Once the weather warms up, you’ll be ready to have a sale to get rid of unwanted items or donate them.

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