Installing an All-weather Canopy on Your Patio


A patio is a great place to spend time outdoors for people who like enjoying the weather. However, without a canopy on top, this can become quite difficult. If the sun is shining brightly in the sky, you might not want to be exposed to it, or if there’s consistent rainfall, you will be stranded inside. If you have furniture on your patio, it’s important that you put a rain cover on it to prevent it from being damaged.

Having a canopy installed on your patio is a fantastic idea. Not only does it offer protection against sun and rain and ensure that your patio or garden furniture lasts for a long time, but it also makes your patio accessible to you without having to worry about weather changes. It’s a great investment for those who like to spend time reading or relaxing outdoors. If you want to install an all-weather canopy on your patio, here’s a complete guide to assist you in the process.

Canopy Styles

Some canopies are transparent; they have an acrylic glass installed on top that allows light inside, while other options include a completely covered canopy that’s either made out of concrete or a robust PVC material. Before you hire any company to install the canopy, you have to decide what style suits you best. You can visit any local showroom that sells a patio canopy in Manchester and browse through the options available.


The patio canopy is custom-designed depending upon the space available and the design of the patio itself. When you contact any company for installing the patio, they will first send over a team to take the required measurements. Once the measurements have been taken, the company will give you a quote for installing the canopy. If you feel that the costs are within your budget, you can give them the green light to proceed.

Many companies will give you an option between a fixed and a retractable roof. Retractable roofs allow you to get the best of both worlds. On a warm, sunny day, you might want to bask on a chaise chair right under the sun. This is only possible if you have a retractable roof. However, retractable roof systems are slightly more expensive, and also cost a considerable amount of money to maintain. Talk to the sales agent about how to maintain a retractable roof system, and then decide whether or not it’s a suitable option for you.


Once the patio canopy has been fabricated, the company will install it for you. In most cases, the installation can be completed within a few hours if you choose a retractable system, though fixed roofs may take a bit longer to complete.

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