Professional Carpenters Choose Accoya Wood When They Require the Best


Professional carpenters use many different types of wood for projects, depending on the specific requirements of the application. When the job calls for high-performance lumber that is extremely durable, weather resistant and dimensionally stable, many carpenters will choose acetylated wood from Accoya. Acetylated wood from Accoya is timber that undergoes a patented process called acetylation, and this transforms the wood into a product that is far superior to pressure treated lumber such as WeatherShield. Accoya treated wood is ideal for use in decking, windows, doors, siding, and structural applications. Work that requires wood that will hold up over time under challenging conditions benefits from the use of this unique lumber. Below are some of the jobs that pro carpenters rely on Accoya wood for when they need the best:

Windows and Doors

Accoya wood is ideal for timber window frames, window shutters and external doors due to its exceptional durability and thermal insulation properties. More dimensionally stable than the best tropical hardwoods, Accoya lumber carries a 50 year above ground guarantee against rot and decay that provides homeowners with peace of mind that the wood will stand the test of time.


Wood decks are perfect applications for Accoya lumber when the highest caliber timber boards are necessary. The combination of natural beauty and all-weather performance make Accoya a preferred choice of carpentry professionals worldwide for high-quality deck projects. Accoya timber decking boards can be machine profiled to suit the project specifications and do not warp, split or swell. These boards are covered by the 50 year above ground warranty and classify as the most stable wood on the market.

External Wood Cladding and Siding

Accoya timber is an excellent choice for wood cladding and siding for several reasons, including aesthetics, stability, durability, and less frequent maintenance. The wood is beautiful and highly functional, as the cladding joints do not open, and the tolerances remain tight, preventing twist. The superior dimensional stability allows for the use of wider cladding boards, and this gives architects greater design flexibility. Accoya wood can also be machine profiled to suit building design and specifications.

An added benefit of using Accoya wood is that it is an environmentally sound product. Accoya uses only abundantly available wood species, and Accoya is compliant with the European Union Timber Regulation. The lumber comes from certified, sustainably managed forests and this appeals to environmentally conscious professional carpenters around the world. Talk to your local carpenter about Accoya woods to ensure a highly durable and effective wood.

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