Modernise Your Bathroom with a Wetroom Installation


Wetrooms in bathrooms are installations that give a bathroom more of a spa-type feel. Just as the name suggests, a wet room does not invite such “dry” activities as blow-drying the hair or shaving. Instead, the most appropriate fixture for a wetroom is the shower.

Why You Should Include a Wetroom in Your Bathroom

Affordable wetroom installations in Plymouth are suggested for the following reasons:

  • Wetrooms are easily accessible, which is ideal for anyone whose movements are limited.
  • Wetrooms improve a homeowner’s quality of life and increase the value of a home. When you add a wetroom to your home, you are also making it more waterproof. A wet room permits the water to be directed to a centre drain and contains the moisture inside the shower area within walls that are sealed.
  • Wetrooms enhance the use of a space. Therefore, a wetroom is a good addition in a small bathroom. You do not need to include a bulky shower enclosure in the design.
  • Adding a wetroom increases your design alternatives. That is because the room adds a “wow” look to a home.
  • Because a wetroom is minimalist in design, you can choose from a number of materials for its installation. These materials include concrete, stove, or wood.
  • Wetrooms are easy to maintain and keep clean. Because a wetroom environment is damp, you can use a regular bathroom cleaner around the space to prevent mould and mildew and disinfect the area.

If you want to modernise your bathroom and make it resemble a spa, you need to consider the benefits of adding a wetroom. Doing so makes bathroom refurbishments just that much more appealing.

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