Which One To Choose: Roof Replacement or Roof Restoration?


We can all agree that roof is the most important part of a house. Apart from the idea that it increases the aesthetical appeal, it protects the people in the house from weather elements. That is why tiny damage can cause a wide array of problems.

When thinking about roof replacement, every homeowner will create a thorough explanation why replacement is not the great option. However, sometimes roof repair is not enough because the roof suffered significant damage and less maintenance, which means that you have to replace it completely.

Let us see in which scenarios you should replace and restore your roof:

Roof Restoration

We all know what roof replacement is: it consists of removal of all materials before the professionals start to place the application of a new roof. On the other hand, restoration is different because your existing roof stays in the place without removal.

Of course, professionals have to address the minor issues that will help to prolong its life. It is far less expensive and less invasive then partial or complete replacement.

If you want to determine whether your roof is the candidate for the restoration, you have to conduct a thorough inspection before you can tell anything. It is essential to have documentation of yearly maintenance because that will help you conclude the issues.

It is important to have in mind that roof has to be in good condition, with no decay or moisture, without leakage and damaged shingles. It is important to check the insulation to determine the condition. There shouldn’t be moisture in this area before you choose the start the restoration.

It doesn’t matter if your roof already has two layers of roofing materials because replacing them requires stripping them completely while restoring it brings you additional layer. You don’t have to worry, because it will add minimal weight to the roof construction, and you can finish everything without removing shingles.

Roof Replacement

If the inspection notices that, your roof is not a good candidate for the restoration, the best thing that you can do is to replace it completely. That requires stripping all shingles before replacing them. If you had many problems such as lichen growth, multiple leaks, moisture in the insulation or deck and decay, the only solution that you can do is to replace it.

When Is The Right Time For Roof Replacement?

  • You Have a Roof for 25 Years – You should have in mind that asphalt shingle roof has the longevity up to 30 years. In case that you entered the point where you are close to the 30th year, you should consider replacement in the close future. You have some time left depending on your roof’s condition, but start to save the money for the expense.
  • Shingles Start To Curl – Shingles can cup, which will happen when edges turn upward. They can also claw, which means that edges will stay flat, but the middle part starts to go up. Both of these signs indicate the weathering problems and potential leakage. The time you have left depends on the extent of curling, but you should consider doing it as soon as possible.
  • You Have Missing Shingles – There should be no problem in replacing a few shingles that you are missing, but sometimes it is impossible to match the colors of shingles, which will reduce the aesthetical appeal of the house. Therefore, if you can patch them do that first, but have in mind that more significant problem can appear.
  • Problem With Algae and Moss – If you notice this particular problem, you don’t have to worry, because it is an aesthetical However, if you don’t maintain it properly, you won’t be able to scrape it away. That will increase the deterioration process. For more information on cleaning the roof click here.


We can summarize by saying that the process you want to accomplish on your roof depends on various factors.

Even though restoration is a more affordable solution, sometimes, especially if you neglect the frequent maintenance, you can enter the point where replacement is the only way you can protect your household.

Our advice to you is to consider roof inspection twice a year so that you can use the shingles for a long time.

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