Modern HVAC Systems Explained


Years ago, when central heating came onto the scene, it gave the British homeowner a more comfortable living environment by providing a constant temperature throughout the home. While central heating was a big improvement on open coal fires, it did little in terms of ventilation, and in the summer, the interior would become stuffy, and with global warming bringing us even warmer summer temperatures, air conditioning has become an essential addition to every British residence.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC systems are designed to effectively give the homeowner complete climate control, and with air quality a priority, modern HVAC systems offer a range of services within a single appliance. If, by any chance, you were looking for a company to install the latest generation of HVAC systems, and your home is in the UK, Mitchell’s are the people to contact, and with bespoke climate control systems, your home or office will always be comfortable, even in the unpredictable British weather.

Heat Exchange

This is the core concept of a modern HVAC system and is a very effective way to maintain a desired temperature within a building.


This is a critical aspect of the HVAC system and it uses heat exchange to ensure the air is regularly cycled, and this gives you better quality air, which is healthier for you and your family. This heat exchange process drives the system and provides warm air in the winter and cooler air in the summer. The ventilation aspect also removes particles and dust, along with smoke, airborne bacteria, and carbon dioxide, so the interior is much fresher.

Forced Air Systems

For a few decades now, engineers have been trying to make HVAC systems more efficient and use less energy, and there is a trend to move away from the traditional water heating systems, as they are not very efficient and you cannot utilise the system for air conditioning, whereas a forced air HVAC system gives you efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilation, all in one appliance.

Room Air Distribution

In order to maintain the optimum climate conditions, room air distribution must be taken into account, which is why it is a good idea to have a bespoke HVAC system that is designed specifically for the building. There are online companies that specialise in providing tailor made climate control systems for both domestic and commercial customers.


Like any other complex system, HVAC requires regular attention, which should be left to the experts. It is recommended that you arrange for the company that installed the system to perform the maintenance tasks, as HVAC systems are working day and night. If the system is well maintained, you should receive many years of service, and with the best quality air, your home will be a much healthier place for you and your family.

If you would like to know more about the latest generation of HVAC systems, an online search should put you in touch with a local supplier.

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