A Guide to Selecting the Best Removal Company


If you are about to relocate and are dreading the move, all is not lost, as there are removal forms that make the operation so smooth, it is actually enjoyable. Some companies are completely customer focused that they will ensure nothing is left to chance when it comes to relocating all your worldly possessions, and if a relocation is on the menu, here are some important things to bear in mind when sourcing a removal company.

  • Association Members – If you are living in the UK, any removal company that is a member of the British Association of Removers would have been vetted thoroughly, and their business practices would be very ethical. One of the best removal companies in the British Isles is Arrowpak, who have been moving British people for more than 30 years, and with a large network of carriers, they can move you to almost any worldwide destination.
  • Customer Focused – The ideal removal company would have the client’s best interests at heart, and they would be focused on customer satisfaction, even if it meant doing a job at a loss. It would be common practice for an established company to survey your home prior to agreeing to anything, and they should have many questions before a quote can be given. Packing, for example, is something that either the client can handle, or the removal company can include this service in their quotation.
  • No Hidden Extras – Excess charging is a common occurrence in the removal industry, as the customer is lured with a very cheap price, and when the job is done, they receive a nasty shock when the bill is handed over. Any reputable removal company would clearly state that you only pay the quoted price, irrespective of any additional costs that may have been incurred.
  • Storage Facilities – Due to the complexities of the buying and selling chain, it is very often necessary to store your household possessions for a day or two, until the client takes possession of the new dwelling, and some established removal companies also offer secure storage, and because you are hiring them for the move, you would likely have to pay little or nothing for the storage.
  • Online Solutions – If you ever require a removal company, the Internet can help you to source a reputable business, and some would even be able to offer you an online quote. If the company is a member of the British Association of Removers, then customer satisfaction is virtually assured, and if they are a large organisation, they would have the resources to move you to any location, not just in the United Kingdom.

Whether you are moving a few miles up the road, or to the other side of the world, there are reputable removal companies that put the customer first, and if you follow the above advice, your moving experience should be a positive one.

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