Looking for a Green Heating Solution


Rustic and cosy, a woodburning stove allows you to escape to another time. However, that does not mean that a stove cannot meet the needs of today’s homeowner. These stoves provide four benefits that are hard to overlook.

  • Cost savings. You reap savings when you burn wood for your fuel source. In fact, the cost of burning wood is less than the cost of using electricity or other heat-producing fuels. The wood is also free to anyone who cuts his or her own wood.

In addition, wood produces a zone-heating effect. You can heat one area whilst leaving other areas of your home cooler, thereby resulting in more fuel efficiency. The stoves are designed today to provide optimum efficiency whilst keeping emissions low.

  • Enhanced comfort. Woodburning stoves in Hampshire add comfort to area homes. The radiant heat produced by a wood stove truly heats an area, unlike other heating systems. The heat that is produced is much warmer than thermostat-controlled heat.
  • A green heating solution. Heating with wood is a sustainable way to heat a home, as wood is both accessible and renewable. You also can enjoy a warm home if you lose power in the winter – one of the desirable aspects of heating with wood in the UK.
  • A beautiful accessory. The stoves that are designed today to heat homes are beautiful. Therefore, you can make a wood stove the focal point of your living area. The variety of wood stoves and inserts make it possible for you to perfectly match a stove to your decor.

Simply put, a wood-burning stove is as economical as it is decorative and sustainable.

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