Business Relocation – Things to Bear in Mind


The need to relocate is usually a sign that things are going very well, and the present working environment is restricting the organisation’s capabilities. Sooner or later, an expansion must happen, and if your enterprise is heading for success and you are looking for a suitable premises, here are some important points to consider.

  1. Think About the Future – While you do need extra space right now, when looking at potential venues, take into account a further expansion, which, if all goes well, will surely be needed. It’s a little bit like buying children’s clothes, when you go for a few sizes too big, and they will grow into the garment, and by ensuring you have adequate space to handle continued growth, you eliminate the need for another costly relocation in a year or two. Once you have found the ideal place, call in the office removalists, who will handle the relocation from start to finish.
  2. Minimise Disruption – The office relocation doesn’t have to mean the closing down of the business, in fact, a good office removal contractor would carry out the entire operation with almost no disruption to your day to day business activities. If you look at the effects it would have on your business if your staff were hindered by the moving process, it could cause more than a serious hiccup. An established removal company would assign a project manager, whose job it is to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly, and this allows you to focus on what you do best, managing your business.
  3. Budget – You will, of course, set an amount aside to cover the removal, and in order to avoid an escalating series of events that result in spending the same again, find a contractor who will quote for the project, and will be true to that figure, regardless. In order to quote for any relocation project, the contractor would need to know if they are responsible for the packing, and a list of items that will not be included in the inventory. Dates would also be discussed, and it is best to approach the removal company a few weeks ahead of time, as this ensures availability.
  4. Storage Facilities – If your business is larger than a single lock up, you are likely to require secure storage facilities, and every established office relocation firm would offer this service. No one wants to leave expensive office equipment in an unsafe place, even for a few hours, and very often, the relocation is staggered by a period of time before you can occupy the new premises, and secure storage is the only option.
  5. Utilities – The old building must have the utilities turned off and meters read, and let’s not forget the telecom needs in the new offices, all of which can be handled by the relocation company, leaving you free of worry.

While relocating your business is good news, you do not want your company to suffer in any way, as a result of the move, and by enlisting the help of an established contractor, the transition will be as smooth as silk, and you can continue on the road to success.

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