Learn Features and Benefits of Fitted Bedroom Furniture and Wardrobes


Fitted bedroom furniture is one of the best decisions that a homeowner can make. This type of furniture offers a wide range of benefits to people. Besides increasing the storage space, their remarkable styles and designs offer the best comfort and appearance. These wardrobes serve as the perfect utility to people with smaller bedrooms. Before buying, you must do proper research on its features and advantages.

Types of fitted wardrobes

As per the individual needs and tastes, there are basically three types of fitted bedroom wardrobe that you can go for. These are:

  •    Hinged door wardrobes
  •    Sliding door wardrobes
  •    Walk-in wardrobes

Each of these designs come with its own set of features and advantages.

Nice feel of your bedroom

A major advantage of bedroom fitted wardrobes is that it allows you to keep your bedroom neat and tidy as you can customize them to your exact needs and requirements, housing all your belongings exactly the way you want it – efficiently utilizing the space.

*Made for all types of configurations*

Another advantage of a fitted wardrobe design is that it can fit well in any type of room. It goes well with all shapes and configurations of a room. An ordinary free-standing wardrobe is not practical in the case of a sloped ceiling, whereas made-to-measure, bespoke fitted wardrobes are specially designed to work well with obstructions such as sloping ceilings, awkward corners and chimney breasts.


Fitted bedroom furniture offers the best level of versatility to its users. Bespoke fitted wardrobes offer maximum storage by selecting the depth, height and width to whatever size you wish, in any colour or style, completely tailor-made with all your necessities within.

More Material Options

Unlike old-fashioned, boring wardrobes, made with boring materials, fitted wardrobes can come in several different kinds. Not only are they durable such as Egger Board’s MFC range, they are of superior quality as well. Bespoke fitted wardrobes help in establishing your sense of style by adding hand-picked mirrors and accessories, stainless steel inlays, or glass finishes to the doors.

Ease of usage

The sliding door wardrobe provides maximum utilization of space. It also provides maximum ease of usage. They are handy for small sized and cramped bedrooms.  Also, you will find them easy to manage and install. Fitted with large mirrors, it effectively gives a lighter and larger look to a place.


Bespoke furniture helps in lessening the requirement for use of more furniture to store items in. It will also assist those who have a lot of accessories and clothing needs. Irrespective of whether you have got a single or a double room, fitted bedroom furniture is ideal for any situation. With these exciting, functional and aesthetically pleasing features, investing in them is a wise decision.  

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