How to Design the Perfect Bedroom


You know what’s super important when it comes to really succeeding at interior design. Having a plan. People call it having a real eye for design, telling you: ‘oh wow, you’ve really got an eye for aesthetics’. No. That’s nonsense. Sure, some people are more artistically inclined, but what it really comes down to is work, specifically planning, thought, research and execution.

It’s not hard to craft the perfect interiors either, it just takes forethought really. From picking the right lighting to choosing the perfect bedroom furniture sets, here’s our guide to designing the perfect bedroom.

Light is Everything

            At the very core of cutting edge, Scandinavian design, light remains utterly vital. You know what there is without light? Dark. You know what a room is without good light? Dingy. Unpleasant. Limited.

Lighting should always be your first concern. Before you do anything, you need to be considering your room’s sources of natural and artificial light, and how you can accentuate them.

With light in general, mirrors can add a lot. For natural light, consider curtains or blinds that don’t take up too much space, or cover any of the window when open. For artificial light, just make sure there’s plenty of it, and you’re using good quality bulbs.

Colour is Crucial

            While lighting is everything, colour is still pretty important. No one wants to spend time in a bleak, all-white hospital room, but by the same token, no one wants to spend time in a murky, vividly coloured room. You need to strike the right balance.

Pastel shades are always going to be a hit, and when you’ve got the majority of the room brightly and inoffensively coloured, you can make use of a darker, contrasting feature wall, or using plenty of posters, pictures and mirrors to contrast one wall in particular.

Warm vs Cold

            When it comes to both furniture, colour and lighting, one of the most important aspects is warm vs cold. You want a warm, welcoming room, but when it gets too soft and welcoming, it quickly begins to look frumpy and unstylish. You again need to strike the right balance between cool shades and minimalist edge, and warm tones and welcoming furniture.

Space is Vital

            One of the other major tenets of Scandinavian design is use of space. If you’ve not got that much space to play with in your bedroom you want to be very neat, and use as many space saving solutions as possible. This is a rule that goes for all bedrooms, you always want space.

Furniture should be Choice

            Lastly, you need to think about furniture, you do not want any old rubbish, or mass-produced and quick to break cheap stuff. You need a quality store that stocks the styles and sets you want, like Furniture in Fashion. They’ll be able to guide you in finding exactly what’ll complement your room in particular.

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