Advantages Of Lopi Heaters


Its hard to beat the beauty and ambience of a crackling fire on a cold night, hence fireplaces are among the top three most desired features for homeowners. Some people find it hard to decide whether wood or gas be the right fuel source for them when trying to find the best heater, as selecting the right one for their home can be a little overwhelming with all the options out there, no matter if a brand-new heater should be installed or an old one upgraded.

Today a lot of models do not lack the fuel efficiency of yesterday, still, the layout of the room should be considered when it comes to how many square meters your new fireplace needs to heat. The price will differ depending on the size of space you want to heat and the heaters fuel source. Both fuel options, whether it be wood or gas, have their differences and similarities and this post will help you to find out what kind of heater will suit your needs best.

New wood heaters often need 1/3 less wood to create the same amount of heat and are up to 50% more energy efficient than the old ones. If you want to heat a big area, getting a fireplace insert might be a good choice for you since freestanding woodstoves are less good as a primary heating source. Heating with natural fuel can also save you on energy bills since firewood prices have been quite stable over the recent years and homeowners love the convenience of having a wood heater during power outages in the cold season.

Contrary to firewood, gas is a clean-burning alternative as it emits less smoke and pollution. Gas heaters will run on natural gas or propane thus being a fossil fuel and non-renewable. Gas stoves are easy to operate as many feature an on/off button and they don’t require lightning. They will heat the room instantly when turned on and there is no ash clean up.

Another important factor in choosing the right fireplace is its design and this is why so many suppliers of leading brands recommend the manufacturer Lopi due to the heating efficiency and aesthetics of their products. When it comes to wood and gas heaters, Lopi products are regarded as some of the best quality and innovative fireplace products available. Their sophisticated design will accompany any architectural style and make your new fireplace a beautiful focal point in your home. From traditional gas log fires and freestanding slow combustion wood heaters to gas and wood fireplaces, Lopi has a wide range of sizes and options to fit your heating needs and living environment, no matter if you choose a freestanding or inbuilt model.

Their wood heaters stand for solid craftsmanship and unbeatable heating efficiency. Only Lopi offers a five-sided convection chamber as a standard feature to distribute heat evenly. More so, the manufacturer presents the only non-catalytic wood heaters to feature a standard bypass damper for smokeless start-up and reloading. Their wood heaters work five times more efficient than open fireplaces and are easy to use due to their single controls to regulate heat output and standard bypass dampers for smokeless start-up and reloading. With heavy gauge steel construction and commercial grade firebrick, Lopi wood heaters are built to last a lifetime.

Lopi’s high-quality gas inserts are designed to turn your existing fireplace into an excellent heat source with an incredible view due to their self-cleaning ceramic glass viewing area. Their gas inserts are great for zonal heating purposes when warming a specific area and some models even include convection fans that help heat up your room quickly and circulate the heat to other parts of your home. All of Lopis gas fireplaces are enhanced with accent lighting and offer a variety of different log sets, face designs and fireback options.

The simple on/off setting of the heater makes it easy to control and every Lopi gas fireplace features a “GreenSmartTM” pilot ignition with a battery back-up that allows you to operate the fireplace even during power outages.

Whether you decide to get a Lopi wood or gas heater, overall your choice should be dictated by what works best for your needs. If you want something you can turn on quickly to warm you while sipping your morning coffee or rather snuggle up by the cosy atmosphere of a wood fire. There is no blanket answer for the best type of heating but with Lopi, you’re bound to find your favourite fire.

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