How to Buy the Best Nursery Furniture


Setting up a nursery for a new baby is often a daunting process, especially for first-time parents. After all, there are many things to consider, from the type of furniture you require to colours and designs that match the nursery décor.

Check out the guide below for how to find the best nursery furniture:

Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, nursery furniture isn’t the cheapest, so it helps to set yourself a budget long before intent buy anything. This allows you to determine what type of furniture is within your price range and what furniture is essential and non-essential.

Once you establish what you require most in the nursery, you can focus on finding better deals for these items. Consider things such as how long you need the furniture to last, whether it will be re-used for a second child, and if it’s worth buying furniture sets to help keep costs down.

Choosing Nursery Furniture

There are many options when it comes to nursery furniture, with various styles and sizes available for most items. Some furniture is more essential than others, while certain items are very convenient and often worth paying more for.

There are some basics you require however, including:


Perhaps the most obvious item to purchase for a nursery is the cot. Many people consider buying a Moses basket before moving up to a cot, but in all honest your child will outgrow this in just a few months, making a non-essential in most instances.

Instead, buy a suitable sized cot or cot bed they can use from birth and long after, as these offer better value for money by lasting much longer.

The main difference between a cot and a cot bed is the latter has removable sides, allowing it to be converted into a bed once the child is old enough. Again, this may save money in the long-term as you don’t need to buy a child size bed in a few years, but they are bigger than standard cots, so to bear this in mind if short on space in the nursery.

Cot Mattress

It’s worth remembering that most cots do not include a mattress, although they are often included with nursery furniture packages.

The cost of a cot mattress isn’t too expensive, but its always worth paying more to ensure the baby is comfortable. Look for a firm mattress, and make sure you buy suitable sheets and blankets.

Also, if buying for a second child, make sure you get them a brand-new cot mattress, as it’s never recommended that these are passed down.

Wardrobe or Dresser

You want good storage in the nursery, as a baby requires a fair amount of clothing and other odds and ends, so it helps to have this in one convenient location. For this, you can buy either a wardrobe or dresser.

Dressers are quite popular as the flat surface can double as a changing area. You only require a changing mat to convert it and you still get ample storage too, making it a cheaper alternative to buying a changing table.

Wardrobes offer a lot more storage space and will be useful as the child grows and accumulates more things, but they take more space so be mindful of this.

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