How to Buy Logs and Peat Fuel


During the winter months, many homeowners prefer to light up a fireplace in their house to keep warm. It has been an age-old feature in English houses, and have proven to be quite popular over time. Similar to every other home feature, fireplaces have also evolved with time and with the advancements in technology. Some furnaces are powered by electricity, while more efficient fuels power others. However, if you have the standard fireplace that’s powered by wood or peat fuel, there are still plenty of options available. Here are a few tips on how to buy logs or peat fuel.

Things to Know

  • Many suppliers that specialise in selling Tiverton logs, firewood and peat fuel have now built their websites and are offering their services online. A simple search online will return many results of local suppliers that sell logs and firewood.
  • It’s always better to call a supplier first and get an estimate for the costs of firewood or peat fuel.
  • Most of the companies offer delivery, though you could save money if you buy the firewood directly from their store.

Placing the Order

Unless you can store the logs and firewood in a cool, dry place (such as a shed), you should not order in bulk numbers. However, if you have a separate shed to store the firewood, you can order in bulk quantities and get a significant trade discount on your order as well.

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