Five Benefits of Roman Shades


It’s not clear if Roman shades or Roman blinds date all the way back to ancient Rome. However, what is clear is that they are simple, incredibly useful, and attractive window coverings. Roman shades are helpful for many people who want to control the amount of light coming into their home as well as control the temperature. Here are five marked benefits of the right Roman shades. There are some great suggestions for blinds here.

1 – Ease of Use

Roman blinds are known for being very easy to use. They bunch up when you close them but are smooth when they are open. Typically, Roman shades operate with a string. You pull the string to lift up the shades and fold up at the top of your window. You can release the string to drop the shades so that they form a smooth sheet over your window. They are much easier to use than some other blinds that might get tangled or twisted.

2 – Versatility

It is straightforward to find made to measure blinds in Bedfordshire. The most common Roman shades are made of fabric, but they can also be made of wood or other materials. Since they are usually made of fabric, they will be easy for a manufacturer to make them to measure. It’s as simple as cutting fabric down to the right size and hemming the edges. You just need to get in touch with a quality blinds manufacturer to determine what size you need and what type of fabric you would like.

3 – Fabric

The fact that Roman shades use fabric is incredibly helpful to people who want to control the amount of light coming into their home. The fabric is incredibly versatile when it comes to managing light. Fabric typically does not block all of the light coming into your house. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of light without eliminating it. Such a feature will allow you to remove the glare from your television or computer screen while also allowing some light to come in. Alternately, you can layer the fabrics and cut the light out completely. Many different kinds of fabric can be used for Roman shades.

4 – Colour Blocking

When Roman shades are let down, they form a smooth surface. That means you can use them as integral parts of your decoration style. They can be used to build blocks of colour in your decor. For example, if you have neutral-toned walls, you can use brightly coloured Roman shades to create a stark contrast between the different colours. Doing so will help your shades pop visually and break up the monotony of a solid wall. Alternately, you can use the Roman shades to accentuate the colour of the wall by buying shades in the same colour.

5 – Repairs

If you have children or if you just move around a lot, it is not uncommon for shades to become damaged. If your shades or blinds are damaged, you might need to have them repaired. Since Roman shades are made of smooth sheets of fabric, they can quickly be stitched or patched.

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