Home Improvements That your Local Electrician Can Complete


Your local electrician can do a lot more than wiring new builds and carrying out repairs, they can install many improvements in your home. A domestic electrician can install the following:

  • Fire Alarm Systems – It is imperative that you have an early warning system at home in the event there is a fire, and local electricians in Barnstaple are experts at installing fire and smoke alarms.
  • Instant Hot Water Showers – Many homeowners prefer to use instant hot water showers, as they use much less energy than the traditional water tank heating system. Digital showers offer an amazing shower experience, and once you have experienced this, it is hard to revert back to a traditional shower unit.
  • LED Lighting – If you would like to save energy at home, you could ask your local electrician to install LED lighting, which would involve a small investment, but from day one, you would save on your energy use.
  • Underfloor Heating – Underfloor heating is becoming very popular with UK homeowners, and there are either dry or wet systems that are installed under the floor and connected to the mains electricity. Dry systems are easier to install as there are no water pipes to be fitted, and your local electrician can supply and install underfloor heating.
  • Electrical Heating – If you would like an electrical heating system, you should talk to your local electrician, who can design and install an electrically powered heating system.

As you can see, a domestic electrician can install man systems in the home, and should you require any of the above, an online search will help you to locate a nearby local electrician.

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