Benefits of Buying a Property in Mallorca


For UK holiday goers Spain has been a firm destination for over 40 years. Pleasantly the siesta loving country is a short two-hour flight away and has many wonderful cities for brits to go and enjoy.

Considering hundreds of thousands of Brits head over to Spain every year, for some, it’s a viable location to invest into and secure a holiday home.

Why should you buy a property in Mallorca? Well, regular holiday goers often pay out for holiday parks and other various types of accommodation to suit their needs. Most common requirements amongst most people are:

Beach access

A private pool

A balcony

For regularity and as an investment opportunity, it is possible to buy a property in Spain and have a holiday home of your own.

For as little as 65,000 €, it’s possible to get a sea view apartment, with an onsite pool and 1-hour transfer from a local airport.

Given the current economic climate and uncertainty of Britain leaving the EU, having a property investment in Europe is a good way to keep your presence within Europe.

Of course, we don’t currently know what border legislation is going to be and how much Visas will cost to go to Spain, but this is a formality which all brits will encounter.

If you are interested in buying an apartment in Spain or a villa in Ibiza, then your best option would be to search online for a suitable property and have a virtual tour before heading out to see it in reality.

Many online estate agents operate that can help with the whole process making it a less stressful transaction. Sunuti pairs trusted local agents directly with you and using their unique specific search function allows you to find the perfect property in Spain.

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