Having Sash Windows Installed in the London area

  • Definition

A sash window is made up of two glassed panelled frames placed on above the other. Usually, the bottom frame can be slid upward to open the window. Victorian town houses provide fine examples of this simple but effective and long lasting design.

  • What are the advantages of installing sash windows?

Well, advantages are numerous enough, here are a few:

  1. For starters, sash windows are energy efficient, especially bearing in mind the incredible advancements in double glazing technology and installation.
  2. Sash windows require minimum maintenances for a return of longevity.
  3. Their design alone makes for a secure barrier, made even more burglar-proof by clever locking systems and sturdy construction materials.
  4. Stylish period or modern effect presentation, sash windows can be made to compliment all surroundings; and of course can be replaced for alternative effects.
  5. Easy smooth operation. Well looked after sash windows are simply a delight to operate, and what’s more
  6. They come in wood or PVC!

For many the memory of old and decaying sash windows that require super human strength to open and close, really is a turn-off!

Let’s not forget that countless numbers of these windows have been poorly maintained over, possibly, decades. On a positive note, it’s testament to their durability that, in some cases, after a hundred years they are still in situ and useable!

  • The advantages of wooden sash windows

Carrying on from my last point, wood is actually much more durable and long-lasting than PVC!

Wood may require more frequent maintenance, such as the odd lick of paint and it’ll last a lifetime. And of course, a coat of paint can change the whole ambiance of a property or a room.

The problems occur when simple maintenance is not carried out, the wood then becomes exposed to the elements, swells and even starts to rot.

Do not judge wooden sash windows by the, sadly, neglected and ancient eye-sores often seen in habitually rented bedsits and student accommodations … there I said it!

Modern wooden sash frames are particularly ‘attractive’, in that they can reflect any mood or look the customer desires, from period to specifically post-modern … assuming the installer is sufficiently competent of course.

PVC sash windows do fill a gap in the market, they tend to be cheaper, easily maintained but not so long-lived, imaginative nor flexible as their wooden counterpart.

A well looked after wooden sash window is a functional friend for life.

  • OK, what’s the best company option in the London area?

Well, whether you’re a householder or a business, the question throws up this one no-brainer answer … London Box Sash Windows!

Why? Because, here we have a family run business of craftsmen; a business with a long and impressive trading record, and a strong portfolio, dating from its origins in 1981.

London Box Sash Windows offer great quality sash windows and have a terrifically informative and easy to navigate website with a no-nonsense opportunity to ask for, and receive, sound advice and, an instant price guide based upon your requirements.

For more information follow the link above.

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