Garage Doors – Should You Choose Automated or Manual?


Are you planning on installing garage doors? Are you confused about choosing manual or electric? Fitting garage doors brings value to any home, once you pick the right model. It is important to look for a product that enhances your exterior and matches your existing décor. You’ll find some great electric garage doors in Camberley when you visit leading suppliers in the area. There are a number of good reasons to fit garage doors in your home, the list below highlights just some of the many benefits of fitting new or replacing old garage doors.

  • New garage doors increase the value of your home
  • They boost curb appeal
  • Garage doors help to lower energy consumption
  • New doors will reduce your utility bills
  • They keep your home and belongings protected

You know now the benefits of having garage doors, so here is why you should choose electric models over manual.

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One of the main reasons to choose an electric garage door is convenience. You don’t need to touch the door when opening and closing. All you have to do is touch a button to control it from your remote.

Avoid Bad Weather

With an electric garage door there is no need to get out of your vehicle when you pull up to your property. This is a blessing when there is bad weather outside. No one wants to unwind a manual garage door in the freezing cold or during a heavy downpour. You’ll avoid the rain, cold and snow with an automated door.

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