Fitted Furniture Optimises a Living Space


You can conquer any living space when your furniture is fitted and customised. In fact, when you look at the advantages of fitted furniture over freestanding furniture, you will want to fit most all of the furnishings in your home’s design.

You can include fitted and bespoke furnishings in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, or living area. Not only does the furniture maximise the space you are using, it also enables you to cut down on cleaning.

That is because freestanding furniture is designed to catch dust or invite spiders to weave webs. You will not have these problems with fitted furniture, as the spaces and corners are concealed. Therefore, you do not have to keep a constant vigil over your furnishings. You can clean them easily without trying to reach a great height in order to do so.

Declutter Your Living Space

Even if you have tall ceilings, you can complement the space well with a fitted wardrobe. Compare that with a freestanding piece of furniture that looks dwarfed in a high-ceilinged room. With a fitted wardrobe, you can customise a loft space to hide the clutter that normally would be on display. You can even fit a wardrobe to a ceiling that is sloped.

If you want to steer away from the utilitarian and boring designs of freestanding furniture, you need to contact a retailer such as Grays Fitted Furniture for your furnishing needs. What you will receive in return are premium furnishings that are both sturdy and attractive.

A Versatile and Adaptable Installation

Moreover, fitted furniture lives up to its name, as it can be installed just about anywhere. Therefore, this type of furnishing is a versatile and adaptable installation.

Fitted bespoke furniture can also be made from one of various quality materials, such as marble, tempered glass, wood, or mirrors. Much of the freestanding furniture is manufactured with cheaper materials, such as medium density fibreboard or MDF.

These types of products damage easily and often must be replaced instead of repaired. When furniture is fitted, however, the hardware is of a high quality, too. All the nails, locks, and hinges are made of premium materials.

Poor Organisational Solutions

Unlike fitted storage solutions, freestanding cabinets or wardrobes offer limited storage. Therefore, you will usually have to add chests or hooks to make room for clothes, towels, or similar items. After a while, the room starts to look cluttered, all which makes freestanding pieces poor storage and organisational solutions.

Whether your fitted furniture is a bed, shelving, or a wardrobe, you will be pleased with the results. Review your options today so you can make the most of your home’s design scheme and décor.

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