Finding the Best Tree Surgery Company in Bognor Regis, West Sussex


We can all agree that finding a tree surgeon is not a simple endeavour. Keep in mind that owning a tree on your property comes with particular maintenance requirements. Therefore, you are responsible for its condition and health.

Having a tree means ensuring that it does not pose a danger to your and other properties. At the same time, they should be in a safe condition.

In case you notice a particular problem, we recommend you to find a Bognor Regis tree surgeon that will provide you peace of mind.

You should know that surgery could be hazardous if you choose the first person who advertises himself.

Numerous people from your area claim that they have proper knowledge and experience. However, you should check out their insurance coverage and qualification beforehand.

This particular job is not just about having a rope and chainsaw. If you wish to ensure that your trees are as healthy as possible, you should find a professional who will understand the biology after each cut.

Lousy pruning can lead to severe problems and leave it open to numerous diseases and pests. In the worst-case scenario, it will die, which is why you should find someone fully qualified, proficient, and experienced beforehand.

Qualifications to Consider

You should know that tree surgeons or arborists require skills, training, and experience to handle a tree surgery, which is highly important based on the UK safety and health regulations.

Therefore, you need to ensure that a particular someone is competent to climb a tree with a harness and rope, perform work in a controlled and safe manner, and use a chainsaw correctly along the way.

According to National Proficiency Test Council, which is an association that governs tree surgeon qualification, you should know that a particular professional needs to have proper certification including:

  • CS39 –This particular certification allows a professional to use a harness and rope properly.
  • CS38 – An expert surgeon needs to know how to perform aerial rescue by climbing a tree.
  • CS31 – Keep in mind that a certified tree surgeon should be able to process small trees.
  • 1 – Chainsaw operation and maintenance certificate
  • 2 – Basic crosscutting and on-site preparation

Valid Certificate of First Aid

Apart from the certificates mentioned above, you should know that professionals could undergo additional and advanced training that will provide them an ability to understand different processes much better than before.

Prominent companies spend plenty of money to train their staff compared with other rogue companies, which you should remember beforehand.

You should know that the advanced degrees feature arboriculture, which will provide them a thorough understanding of each situation present and how to handle it, which will follow a particular British Standard.

The best way to learn more about things you should expect from an arborist is by clicking here for more information.

Besides, regular examinations should feature climbing ropes, safety equipment, and machinery required for dealing with dead branches. Every professional should have LOLER check, allowing him/her to handle special equipment and use it properly.

Insurance Coverage

Since a tree business comes with numerous risks, including scaffolding, every single surgeon should have proper insurance coverage of at least two million pounds.

The amount will cover minimum issues, while they can choose higher options, including Employers Liability that requires ten million pounds, and Public Liability or five million pounds.

In case you decide to employ someone without insurance, you will be liable for potential damages that may happen to your surroundings, your neighbour’s properties, and in case of a particular accident that can happen to people around you.

Benefits of Tree Surgery

  • Boost Landscape Appeal – The first and most important benefit of finding a professional to deal with dead branches or other issues is improving your overall landscape appeal. That will provide you with additional value in case you wish to resell a house shortly. That is the main reason you should find a professional company that will quickly restore your property’s appearance while handling different tree issues.
  • Safety – The most crucial benefit of hiring a proper surgeon is to prevent your family, household, and neighbour property’s potential safety issues. It means that you should remove dead or dying branches because significant storms and winds can put them down and cause severe problems. That is why you should find a surgeon that comes with proper certification and equipment that will ensure your property remains as safe as possible.
  • Boost Property’s Value – Another critical reason to conduct this particular service is that you will boost a property’s value as a result. By shaping and clipping branches, you can achieve a significant improvement and increase your household’s overall value. That way, you will get a return on investment if you wish to sell it in the future.

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