Colour Balance display mode by Kvant


No more frustration from uneven mixed laser colours such as yellows and whites when doing laser shows with RGB lasers (sometimes called show lasers or disco lasers).

The well known issue to all laser display operators and programmers has been now sorted by Kvant.

Kvant’s new Colour Balance display mode ensures that all the colours across all Kvant laser light systems are always perfectly matched.

It doesn’t matter how many Kvant show lasers you use in your setup and what power output they are.

With the Colour Balance display mode switched on, all the output colours of all Kvant RGB laser projectors will be the same, and matching those you see on your computer screen.

No other laser light system on the market offers such feature, which puts the laser display systems from Kvant ahead of competition and makes these lasers a good choice for all laser display professionals, permanent installations and laser hire jobs.

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