A Guide to the Removal of Fragile and Expensive Items


Whilst some of us possess furniture which is relatively average in nature, both in terms of shape and size, there are many out there who possess slightly more unusual items.

It is the relocation or removal of these items which can cause difficulties, usually because they are delicate, oversized or simply very expensive. If you need such an item relocated from one location to another, keep reading to learn more.

Piano Removals

The relocation of a piano, whether a baby grand or a full sized grand piano is never easy. Pianos are both awkwardly shaped, heavy and very expensive which makes them more difficult to relocate than a bed or a sofa.

In these instances, we would suggest making use of a specialist removals firm who is used to handling pianos and decanting them to and from buildings. They will be able to assist by;

  • Wrapping your piano in appropriate protective sheeting or bubble wrap, ensuring that all corners are covered and that the internals of the piano are secure.
  • Make use of specialist piano shoes and trolleys to facilitate the easy movement of your piano.
  • Employ the appropriate lifting equipment such as cranes if your piano needs to be relocated to or from a high storey building.

There are several removals firms specialising in the relocation of Pianos across the UK. Piano removals in Essex can be organised and managed by one of several removal firms who operate in the South East so we would suggest locating a suitable company who can offer their services. To ensure they’re up to the job, make sure that you review customer feedback to get an idea of past performance.

Antique and Fine Art Removals

Another request from some members of the public and various institutions is for assistance in the relocation of artwork and antique furniture. With artwork in existence which has been valued at in excess of £1,000,000, you can see why they need to be handled with the utmost care.

This will also go for antique furniture and other valuable belongings such as statues, busts and ornaments. Relocating these items with the assistance of a removal company will provide significant peace of mind as your items will be insured.

If your items are of significant value, we would suggest making sure that the removals company that you use is able to insure their entire value, even if this costs you more.

Vehicle Removals

The relocation of classic cars and other expensive vehicles is another common request. If the owner of these vehicles would rather they weren’t driven, the best solution is to hire a vehicle removals company who will professionally relocate them on your behalf.

Each vehicle will be inspected before then being securely and professionally loaded onto the most appropriate form of transport, ready to be relocated where required.

Relocating your valuable items needn’t be difficult when you make use of the specialists who can assist you and offer advice. Simply find a company who specialises in the items you need relocating and vet them to make sure they possess the required experience.

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