Garage Inspections & Maintenance Tips and Guidelines


We spend too much time taking care of our homes, and the garages become our least priority. After all, you don’t accept guests in the garage, and you rarely spend your time there. Still, experts on garages like Tassie Sheds say that these are an important part of the home. So you must be regularly inspect them to ensure that they are always in a good condition.

Here are some of the garage maintenance tips you can use:

  1. Ensure smooth running condition of the garage door.

Most modern garage doors are self-lubricated. Others come with plastic parts that do not require any lubrication. Builder Fred Cann, the proprietor of JRS Solutions located in Melville, advises annual oiling of older doors made of metal rollers and hinges.

Mark Second, the brand manager of a Premier Garage, recommends the use of a blower to blast the dust, cobwebs, and dead bugs from the door. Since the rubber seal at the bottom of the door is prone to frequent wear and tear, it is advisable to check it often and do the necessary amends.

Finally, make it a routine to check the garage door sensors to ensure they are functional free from rust and all is working properly.

  1. Keep the garage floor clean.

To prevent pockmarks, stains, and slip hazards caused by auto fluids and road salt. Conduct an annual horse down of the garage floor. The hairline cracks, which may appear in the concrete slab of the floor, is not a big deal.

For the crumbled concrete, you can patch it with some concrete mix. Alternatively, you can ask the expert to fix the floor to give it a more decent fix.

  1. Check for pest invasions.

Pests can find their way into the garage if the door is often left open. They can get in through the gaps that are large enough for them to fit. Some of these pests include termites, rats, ants, spiders, mice, and raccoons. However, two of the most dangerous of them all are the carpenter ants and termites which can cause huge damages to the garage walls. While termites digest lumber, carpenter ants will tunnel it. Trails of sawdust show that the garage is infested with termites while chewed wood depicts the presence of ants.

Conduct occasional checks on the dark and moist corners of your garage to get rid of any hiding pests. A cluttered garage provides a hiding place for the pests to grow and accumulate in number, making them difficult to get rid of. Always organize your garage and in case of infestation, you can hire a pest control expert to handle the matter.

  1. Monitor the garage walls and foundation.

You need to inspect the interior as well as the exterior walls of the garage foundation to check for molds and cracks. Discolored walls and molds show that moisture is seeping in from the roof and the walls. Therefore, your roof may need immediate repair. The cracks may serve as entry routes of the pests into the garage and they need to be repaired.


To sum it all, the garage must be well taken care of just like the rest of your home. Regular inspection and good maintenance of your garage can help you prevent small problems before they get out of hand. It is important to come up with a plan on how you will maintain your garage and stick to it.

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