A Guide to Spring Cleaning the Home


Now that the harsh British winter is well and truly behind us, this is the ideal time to give the home a thorough spring clean, which will ventilate the home in preparation for a few months of glorious weather. Plan for a long weekend, if possible, which will be more than enough time to complete the spring clean, and with that in mind, here are some tips to ensure the project is completed without incident.

Sourcing the Right Equipment

If the family are helping with the clean, then you will need an adequate supply of the following:

  • Brooms, mops & buckets
  • Dusters & dry cloth
  • Cleaning solution – Glass cleaner, bathroom & kitchen cleaning products and floor cleaning liquid.
  • Black Bin Bags – You will be surprised at how much junk you will find when spring cleaning the home.
  • Old blankets and sheets – To cover the furniture and flooring.

Hire a Skip

There will be enough unwanted stuff to warrant at least a small skip, perhaps more if your home is large, and by contacting a local skip hire company, they can deliver the unit when you need it. Aside from device packaging and other rubbish, you will likely come across old furniture items you no longer want, and perhaps some old clothes, all of which can be put into a skip.

Deep Cleaning the Carpets

A spring clean wouldn’t be complete without deep cleaning the carpets, and with quality carpet cleaning services in Kirriemuir, you can arrange for all your carpets to be cleaned when the big clean is finished.

If you plan correctly, the cleaning project should be completed within a weekend, and then you have a clean home ready for the summer.

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