Why it Makes Sense to Buy your Building Materials Online


We are all looking for ways to save money, which is one reason why many UK homeowners roll their sleeves up and break open their toolbox to either tackle a home repair or add a feature to the property. With building materials, trade prices are usually limited to construction companies and small builders, but with an online supplier, everyone pays trade prices, even the DIY enthusiast. Of course, you will want to deal with someone local, as no company is going to drive halfway across the country, and if you deal with an established online building materials supplier, they would likely have a depot within driving distance from your home.

Quick and Convenient

Online shopping has many advantages, and instead of driving around in the cold weather, looking for a builder’s merchant, simply find an online supplier and you can begin to fill your virtual shopping cart. There is one particular company called Huws Gray, who stocks a wide range of quality building materials and also essential tools that might be required, and with more than 50 branches nationwide, you can be sure of prompt delivery.

Extensive Range of Items

Whatever you need for your next project, the chances are it can be found with an online builder’s merchant, with doors and windows, roofing materials and timber or composite sheets, all available, and at trade prices, you won’t find quality materials any cheaper. The online supplier would likely have branches around the country, and their website would contain a store locator, which makes it very easy to source the closest branch. Hand and power tools are also stocked, along with a range of protective clothing and essential accessories for the do it yourself enthusiast.

Trade Prices

This is perhaps the biggest advantage for the UK homeowner, who normally has to settle for retail prices, and the difference is substantial, and by using the service regularly, you will soon get used to paying lower than retail prices for all your future projects. Most people don’t realise that a builder will make around 10% on all materials if he supplies them, and without the labour charges and trade material prices, the savings will no doubt make the hard work worthwhile.

DIY Projects

The Internet has definitely changed the way we live our lives, and not only can you buy your building materials online, you can also source step by step tutorials that cover every building project. This enables a handyman to tackle projects that otherwise might be too difficult, and you can take your time, completing each stage, and there are even DIY forums where you can ask any DIY related questions, and you are sure to receive a reply within a few minutes.

The rising cost of both building materials and labour is encouraging more and more homeowners to actually carry out the work themselves, and with an online builder’s merchant, trade prices will save you even more money.

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