When You Need a Little Extra Help and Assistance at Home


As we get older, it becomes more and more difficult to do certain things at home. The things that we used to simply take for granted – such as climbing stairs or folding washing – become more difficult. Our bodies age and our health deteriorates, leading to situations where many older people can feel trapped in their own homes as they struggle to do everything for themselves. Add to this the fact that many of them are single and on their own in a large house, and things are put into a very clear perspective.

The Mechanical Assistance You Need

The truth is that not all elderly people want to move into an assisted living home. For them, the fear is that they will lose their independence and that this will inevitably lead to a rapid decline. This fear is perfectly understandable, but we are left with a peculiar dilemma: how do we ensure that elderly people feel independent enough to remain at home and also minimise the risk of them falling or injuring themselves severely.

The truth is that many elderly people are hospitalised every year due to falls. They may have conditions that affect their balance, joint problems, hip problems, or a range of other issues that can significantly increase the risk of them falling and injuring themselves. Under these circumstances it is essential to seek a solution that provides reliable mobility, but does not remove their sense of freedom and independence.

Vertical lifts in High Wycombe offer the infirm and the elderly the opportunity to increase their level of mobility, whilst also decreasing their chances of suffering a fall or worse. In fact, lifts can even be installed on stairways so that it is much easier for the infirm to get around in their own home when they need to. No longer will they need to place themselves at risk by climbing the stairs!

The Beneficial Features of a Lift

For family members who are concerned about the health status of one or both of their elderly parents, having a vertical or stairway lift installed is a great idea. Apart from the simple fact that such devices lower the risk of serious injury and falls dramatically, while also offering more freedom and mobility around the home, they also offer the following features:

  • Safety first: Given just how important safety is to the elderly, it is also important that all chair lifts, vertical lifts, and stairway lifts also feature robust safety belts and harnesses. Though these lifts are not designed to travel at speed, the addition of a safety belt ensures the safety and security of the user.
  • Obstruction detection: The first priority of these devices is always safety, but what happens if there is an object on the stairs or elsewhere that could cause the lift to malfunction? The good news is that lifts of this nature typically feature obstruction detection and automatic cutouts so that there is no way they can be damaged by anything that happens to be in their way.

If you or an elderly family member requires greater mobility around the home, why not investigate the many benefits of having a vertical lift installed?

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