When is the Best Time to Have My Central Heating Serviced


This is a question that many UK homeowners ask, and the answer is to have the system serviced twice a year. The first should be just after winter, while the second would be best carried out in the autumn, before the cold weather arrives. Like any other complex system, your central heating needs regular servicing in order for it to perform as it should, and in between services, you should look for signs that something is amiss.

Signs of a Central Heating Problem

If you hear strange noises coming from the system, this could be due to air being trapped in the system, or it might be down to an ineffective boiler, which is the heart of the system. Sometimes a strange knocking noise can be heard, which is usually a pipe that is loose and knocking against a wall, and other signs include:

  • The heating seems ineffective
  • The heating shuts off prematurely
  • The boiler doesn’t fire up as often as it should

Boiler Inspection

One of the first things the service engineer will do is inspect the boiler, looking for signs of corrosion, and with affordable central heating services in Bridport, you can ask them to carry out a service twice a year. The boiler can go wrong in several ways, especially if it is overworked, and with a regular boiler inspection, you will be aware of any components that will soon need to be replaced.

Have your central heating serviced soon and you will have peace of mind that the heating is in good working order, and it will provide you with essential heating and hot water.

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