When Do You Need to Have Your Locks Changed


As homeowners, we never stop worrying about the safety of our homes because they exist to keep our expensive valuables, priceless possessions, and our families safe. You never know when a criminal might have your property in their sights, and you need to do everything you can to make sure it’s impossible for them to break an entry. You need to have modern locks installed on all the doors and windows to make your home impenetrable. However, sometimes, it’s best to have your locks replaced even if you think they’re in perfect working condition.

Needless to say, hardened criminals get quite good at evading locks because of their career choice, and old locks often aren’t enough to make your home extra secure. If you’ve lived in your home for decades and have never changed the locks, now might be the time to start looking for locksmith companies in Northampton. The best locksmiths understand how important home security is and will endeavour to arrive at your property as soon as humanly possible. The sooner you have your locks changed, the safer you’ll feel in your house.

Fortunately, there are plenty of locksmiths in the area that stock high-quality, durable locks that are almost impossible to bypass. The best companies will be happy to recommend the perfect product for your home, and they’ll guarantee a high-quality installation so that your new locks can’t be broken. However, as mentioned above, it’s not just old locks that need replacing. Keep reading below to find out whether it’s a good idea to call a locksmith to replace your locks as soon as possible.

When to Call a Locksmith

We all want to make our homes extra secure, which means having locks that criminals can’t penetrate or break. Here are just some of the situations where you should have your locks changed immediately:

  • You’ve just moved into an old property – It’s impossible to tell how many people might have keys for the property you’ve just moved into. The previous owner may have handed out spares to family, friends, and even builders. If you’ve just moved into an old property, you’ll secure peace of mind after changing the locks knowing that only you have access.
  • You’ve just bought a new property – You might assume that only you have the keys to a brand new house, but that’s not always true. Site managers, contractors, the construction company, alarm installers, and an abundance of other people may still have a key that grants entry into your home.
  • You’ve been the victim of a burglary – Needless to say, changing the locks should be one of the first things you do following a burglary. They say lightening never strikes the same place twice, but it has done before and it could do again.

A Locksmith Can Help

Locksmiths provide an invaluable service in making you feel safer inside your own property, and replacing the locks on your doors and windows might be less expensive than you think. Plus, even though it requires an investment, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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