What You Should do to Maximize Your Space in a Studio Apartment


If you are currently living in a studio apartment then you’re likely all too familiar with the struggles and challenges it brings but if you are new to this fret not, we are here to help you. What you need to know is that privacy is difficult and adequate organization can feel impossible, and choosing decor without overwhelming your aesthetic is a major struggle.

Studio apartments are just one room with no exact walls to create a division of rooms for different purposes. It would feel as if like you are in a tiny box space —that is if you do not know how to maximize your space. So what can you do to maximize your pint-size abode and make it into a professional’s apartment space? Plenty. With few tricks and tips up in our sleeves, there’s no mission impossible for your beautiful apartment.

Choose a Cohesive Color Scheme

Some people do not know the importance of choosing the right colors for the walls especially if the room’s space is small. Interior designers always remind clients that when choosing a color for small apartment rooms it is best to choose lighter colors, this is because lighter color can make a room feel airy and spacious.

However, if you are not aiming for a room to appear larger and would just want a beautiful room then don’t worry, just have a cohesive color scheme for a well blended and beautiful apartment visual. Additionally, the neutral palette is a trend right now which would surely help you make your room look larger and chic through adding an accent wall in a darker or more vibrant color.

Hack a Storage Bed

You already know that your bed is the most important and the thing that really occupies a lot of space—but worries not, through the innovations of human’s creative minds we now have what we call storage beds. The really amazing feature of beds with built-in drawers is that it stores things for you which mean you might not need additional cabinets to try to fit in in your small apartment room.

In addition to this amazing feature is that it has additional mattress stability than the traditional bed frames. The weight of your mattress is more evenly distributed over the entire bed frame instead of placing all of your weight, and the weight of your mattress on posts.

Not to forget that you also need a great mattress to sleep on, so you really should invest in your bed and mattress to have a proper sleep at night. You could look for information online to save time and effort, such as storage bed product reviews or mattress reviews which are guaranteed to give you the kind of information that you want from customers so why not give it a go.

Float On

Wall-mounted or Floating shelves as we commonly call it is an art plus economic ideal storage solution. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes while it functions well and serves its purpose for a studio apartment space craze. This furniture offers a range of styles, materials, and colors makes it easy to find a floating shelf that matches your decor. In addition to that, you can custom made your floating shelf or if you’re creative enough then you can opt for DIY projects.

Multitasking Furniture

From the name itself, it serves you with lots of functions to help you with maximizing your space. Just like the storage bed, there is a lot of furniture that has been made as a storing device while staying to its real use in one’s household such as tables and stools with storage space in its base, adjustable tables, and bookcases that can serve as room dividers.


All in all what could really help you to have a relaxing and clutter-free room is to plan carefully on what and not what to put in your space. Living in a small space makes space a holy ground that you would do anything to save it thus balance out what you need vs. what you want, in this way you’ll be able to save money and avoid cluttering of your things.

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