What is SuperFOIL insulation and why should your loft insulation installer use it


Reaping the benefits of investing in high-quality insulation for a decent price can be hard to come by. The hassle of putting in traditional types of insulation can leave someone frustrated and discouraged. However, this age-old problem has found its modern-day solution in SuperFOIL. SuperFOIL is a leading product in the world of insulation that is better than traditional models and is sure to be your best choice for all your future roofing, loft, and wall insulations

Roofing application

SuperFOIL is proving itself to be a leading product in the industry. Lay people and professionals alike are benefiting tremendously from purchasing this insulation. It makes installation easy for all your roofing needs. SuperFOIL is designed with all roofing types in mind and will prove to be a great fit for either under or over joist application as well as under and over rafter installation. 

Wall application

Concerning wall installation projects, SuperFOIL has once again proven itself to stand up against its competitors by being both durable and flexible, and at only a fraction of the thickness. It is a great choice for your next installation project due to its durability, flexibility, and high-quality without the challenges of the thickness of traditional types of insulation. The 3-in-1 design leads many installers to finishing the job without the needed hassle of installing a vapour barrier.

Loft application

Insulating your loft will prove to lower energy costs, increase the value of your home, and retain both heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. SuperFOIL makes loft application easy, as expediency and ease in installation were considered in the formulation of this product. Simple application methods will prove to save both the lay person and the professional time and money. Installation can prove to be cost-effective for both those hiring professionals and those doing the job themselves since SuperFOIL’s easy application process leads to reduced excessive waste. 

Considering SuperFOIL insulation for your home

Finding a professional installer and sources of SuperFOILfor your next loft insulation project will not only prove to save you time but also money as many companies provide a discounted rate when both installation and products are purchased together. 

For a view on why SuperFOIL is the choice of insulators from a professional installer see: Why Insulators Choose SuperFOIL Products for Loft, Roof and Wall Insulation?

Choosing an insulation installer ensures the job is done well and at a discounted cost. Those who want to say goodbye to the hassles of the past can choose SuperFOIL for their next insulation project. 

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