What is a tree survey? And why is it an essential process in surveying landscapes? Find out here


Usually, a tree survey is being done because of its important role in providing important and very useful information on trees which are part of a certain property both in private or public landscapes. The main goal for tree surveys is to provide property managers or the homeowners or the property owners the needed information before they make any decisions on how they will deal with the trees that are standing on their property.

Based on the information gathered from the tree survey, these may then can be a vital way of making decisions on what to do with the trees. A tree survey contains all of the much-needed information about the trees on the property where only a professional arborist can conduct such a survey where they are following such standards in determining which trees are going to stay there and which ones are going to be cut.

To help you understand more about tree surveys, you should read the rest of this post to be informed about its important role.

Usually, a tree survey will reveal the information from a tree-like the species of the tree based on its scientific name, the physical measurements of the trees that are standing on the property like its diameter and its height, as well as its age, its overall health, its life expectancy, and the management recommendations which is also conducted not just by an arborist, but also by a tree surveyor.

In fact, there are some regions and countries which makes tree surveying mandatory which aims to prevent any protected tree from being cut down without the proper knowledge of its importance, however, the majority of people conduct tree surveys because they want to build something on the area where the tree is standing, perhaps somewhere near the trees as well which is why before they can cut down or allowed to cut down the trees, a survey has to be done to determine if they are allowed to touch the trees or not.

The information that is retrieved from a tree survey is very useful for a lot of people because for instance, if the landscape designer wants to come up with a 3D design based on the information collected with the survey, it will be easier for them to render a design for their clients. The design and the draft are accurate and realistic knowing that the information that was inputted was accurate.

It is also impossible for a landscape designer to come up with an accurate draft without the information gathered from the tree survey. Usually, the landscape designer is the one who makes the decision if the property can keep its trees or not which affects the overall value of the entire property. Those trees that cannot be removed according to law, can be included with the entire landscape design which will be looked like as a part of the entire landscape instead of making it as a distraction of the property.

Also, tree surveys can also identify hazards in a property like trees that can pose risks of falling to structures especially if there is a storm or a strong wind which can cause its fall while it can also be the source of fungal decay.

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