What Is A DBS Locksmith Check?


Some people find it scary to invite an outsider into their home, but many have to accept it when something needs to be fixed or fitted. Knowing that the individual you’re having in your house is trustworthy and safe is always comforting. For this reason, customers can feel more convenient when letting a stranger enter their home with the help of DBS checks.

DBS check

The Disclosure and Barring Service, or DBS check, is a check on criminal record that provides information about all convictions, as well as reprimands, cautions, and final warnings that are stored on central police repository. You will receive a certificate if your record is spotless, which will prove to potential employers and clients  your trustworthiness and accountability. The goal of a DBS check is to protect people who are deemed vulnerable, like children and the elderly. To make sure that clients are not in danger, companies perform DBS checking on all of their locksmiths. For instance, you wouldn’t want someone with a history of burglary convictions repairing your locks as this could be dangerous. With a DBS checked locksmith you can be sure that your property is in safe hands.

Basic DBS

Only a person’s pending criminal convictions are included in this kind of check. If there are any such convictions for the person who is being checked, the results will indicate that. It is therefore the lowest screening level that is offered. Because it’s the only kind of criminal record check available to anybody, regardless of occupation, the basic DBS check is a great choice for independent contractors.

Standard DBS

Before submitting a Standard DBS online application at this higher screening level, applicants must get their address documents and proof of ID verified by their current or prospective employer. On central police records, all convictions as well as reprimands, cautions, and final warnings are listed.

Enhanced DBS

Along with all the information found in local records that is deemed reasonably related to the job at hand, it will contain the same information as the standard check. The only jobs that require this level checks are those that entail working with children and vulnerable adults. It is the highest level currently available.

Trained locksmith

As we previously discussed, anybody can pose as a locksmith and wreak havoc on the properties of those who hire them. Make sure the locksmith you choose is fully qualified, has been trained by a reputable company, and has either a locksmith authenticity or a certification as a locksmith when looking for a trustworthy and safe locksmith. As the in the UK, locksmith qualification courses were only made available last year., many of the locksmiths have already taken it to advance their locksmith knowledge and skills.


When hiring a locksmith make sure you always ask to see their identification before letting them into your house and giving them the go-ahead to complete the task. This guarantees that the individual who they say they are and that you are not being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, there are far too many documented burglary cases in which the intruders pretended to be tradespeople doing repairs on the house.

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