What Exactly Does an Estate Agent do


A person known as an “estate agent” is someone who assists people in the selling of and the purchasing of property. The property is in most cases a house, but it can also be another kind of building or some land that is for sale. An agent will have to know the market value of a property, be able to judge the positive and negative aspects of a property, know how to advertise it on the market and know how to professionally negotiate a sale.

The agent will also often have to work with a financial institution to aid people in getting the loans they will need to be able to purchase a property. People in this profession usually work on a commission basis and will earn a small percentage of each sale that is completed. Nowadays, there’s the traditional kind of agent and the newer online type who are becoming increasingly popular.

Helping the Buyers

To assist someone in the buying of a house, the best estate agents in Hornchurch at first must find out exactly what kind of home the customer is looking for, the price the buyer can afford, and locations that would be preferable. The agent will then show the customer many images of available homes and if interested take them for a first-hand look and answer any questions a client may have. Should the buyer then choose to make an offer on a home, the agent will help to select an offer price and make that offer to the seller’s agent.

Helping the Sellers

If a customer wishes to sell a home, the estate agent helps to set a price. The asking price is usually based on recent sales of similar homes in the same area. An agent will also help in advising the customers on how to prepare the house for display, making it as appealing as possible to any potential buyers. Things, such as giving it a good clean, simple decorations in rooms, carrying out basic repairs and even painting walls. The agent will then advertise the home to other agents and the general public.

Should somebody have an interest in the house, the agent will arrange to show it to the potential buyer, frequently working alongside the buyer’s estate agent. Agents sometimes hold open houses, which are periods of time when anyone is invited to take a walk through the for-sale homes and ask relevant questions or get information about it. If an offer is made for the home, the agent will then advise the customer about whether to accept it or not and will process the sale if the offer gets accepted.

Finding the Right One

With the advent of the internet, as you may have noticed, many things in our lives have become that much easier, and one of them is information gathering, all at the tips of your fingers.

So, do yourself a favour and check out renowned and reliable estate agent professionals!

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