What are the different types of locks are available in the market?


Locks are a very important part of our home and workplace. They keep safe or places safe from thieves. People generally avoid checking the quality of the locks maybe they are not familiar with the feature and grading of the locks. They thought all the locks do the same work in the same manner. But it is not true, the different locks have different features in it. According to the San Antonio locksmith, locks came with different qualities for dissimilar purposes. There are many types of locks you will find in the market, some of these are:

  1. Padlocks: These are a very common type of locks who are not permanently attached to the doors or anything else. They are very useful in the way that you can use it whenever and wherever you want. They are available in a variety of sizes. These locks are portable in nature and free-standing locks. You can easily find these locks in the market near you. They come in two types one is keyed and the other is a combination. Combination locks work by setting a series of numbers in it. When you want to open these locks just combined the series of the digit. The keyed locks come with its unique key.
  2. Deadbolts: They come in the market with a huge number of varieties in comparison with padlocks. They are generally installed on the main door of the house. They come in three different kinds: Single, double and thumb turn. In single deadbolts, the key cylinder is placed outside the door while in thumb turn the key cylinder is placed at the inside of the door. To avoid their drawbacks double deadlocks have both outer and inner key cylinders. The major disadvantage with these locks is they only open from the keys.
  3. Knob locks: These locks are often placed in houses on outer doors other than deadlocks and are a few times works as a basic part of protection for doors. It has been suggested to the people not to use knob locks for protection at outer doors.
  4. Cam locks: These locks are used in a wide range of different purses, but generally people prior to these locks in cabinets, mailboxes and OEM applications. They are available in different lengths and types that have an ability to interface with other locking mechanisms.
  5. Rim locks: They are used in the glass doors and also in some apartments. They are placed at the interior part of the door having a long metal piece at the outside of the door.
  6. Furniture locks: These locks are used for locking any cabinets, sliding doors or desks, etc. They come with stylish designs in the market
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