Water purification- A process to make water more healthy and safe for drinking


What do we understand by water purification? Water purification is a method of making the water clean, safe, pure, healthy and impurities free to make it drinkable or we can say that water purification is a way of clearing down harmful impurities, chemicals and contaminants to make the water clean and safe so, that it is easily drinkable.

What are different methods of water purification? There are so many types of methods through which water purification can be done but there are only two common methods through which people use to purifier water at their home or offices.

  • Water purification; by boiling method
    1. In the earlier time, before industrialization and some years after industrialization people used this method of water purification which is known as boiling.
    2. Boiling is a water purification method because boiling up of water on a burner kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria in the water. Thus, makes the water safe and pure for drinking.
    3. Boiling up of water does not kill 100% bacteria. Boiling up of water just helps in inhibition of harmful components and kills only 50% of bacteria.
    4. So, due to these reasons purification of water through this boiling method is lowered down.

Nowadays, people are using the different method of purification it is mentioned below:

  • Water purification; by water filters
    1. Due to the increase in globalization and industrialization water is getting polluted day by day. So, to cure out these problems water filters have been made to make the water 100% pure, clean and safe for drinking.
    2. Water filters are the machines that make the water 100% drinkable by killing all the bacteria and harmful components from the water.
    3. This water filters have a feature of making the water clean with the help of carbon technology. They pass a carbon through the water which absorbs all the harmful things in the water thus making the water clean and safe for drinking.

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Why is there a need to purify water before drinking or consuming it? Water should be purified before drinking due to the following reasons:

  1. There are so many harmful components in the water that will make you suffer from so many diseases such as jaundice, typhoid etc. so, to get rid of these types of diseases people should start drinking pure and clean water. Therefore, to make the water pure and clean purification is very much important.
  2. Drinking cup of water without purifying it will damage your immune system and digestive system. To make your digestive system and immune system strong pure and clean water is necessary and to make the water pure and clean purification is to be done.

So, these are the reasons you should purify the water before drinking.

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