Types of roofing. How to choose?


The roof is one of the most important components of a home. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable and long-lasting roof covering. Standing seam roof, which are characterized by their strength and variety, have become extremely popular in the modern construction industry. Of course, it all depends on your needs and capabilities – whether price, material, sustainability and the like are relevant to you. Based on these factors, you can choose the right roof covering.

More about roofing

Both the durability and the overall appearance of the house depend on the roof sky. The adaptation of the roof to different temperatures and noise levels in the attic is also important. It is recommended to choose roof coverings that are resistant to cold and heat! Such roof coverings are heavy and therefore do not allow exposure to different weather conditions (for example, ceramic roofing).

You need to know the fact that the more complex the shape of the roof covering, the more expensive it will be. Of course, it depends on whether you want the roof of your home to be decorative or simply prepared.

Steel roofing and slate

Steel roofing is one of the most popular roofings. They are characterized by a variety of colors, shapes and coatings. Advantages of this coating:

  • Inexpensive and fast installation
  • Low weight (if you have a log house then you need a heavy cover)
  • Aesthetic image

Disadvantages of choosing this coating:

  • If additional sound insulation is not used – steel coating rattle
  • Poor quality cutting of the coating can start to rust

Slate roofing is durable and reliable. Also, this coating is environmentally friendly, fragrant and non-flammable.

Slate benefits:

  • Very good sound insulation
  • Attractive price
  • The coating does not rust
  • Easy installation

Slate cons:

  • Small selection of colors and shapes
  • Slate roof color fades quickly (mostly lasts for 5 years)

Tile roofing

These roof coverings are very common throughout Europe because of their durability, luxury, aesthetic appearance, colors and shapes. The advantages of tile coating are such that: really durable compared to other roof coverings, wide choice of colors and shapes, the coating is especially suitable for log houses, and low cost of covering irregularly shaped houses. But the stick has two ends, the disadvantages of tiling: special construction is required, expensive components, special anti-moss measures are required.

The most important thing is to choose a roof covering that suits you!

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