Trendy Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget


A remodelled bathroom enhances the value of your home, upgrades its style and looks, making it well adapted to your requirements. Moreover, renovations are the best time to bring in new upgrades that will serve your family in the years to come. If you are investing on bathroom renovations Sydney this year, then consider making one or some of these vital changes to better the functionality, storage space and cosiness of your bathroom in the budget.

Hidden – Tank

Mounting the water storage vessel inside the wall is on trends now. They have a lot of benefits, and it is worth considering during your bathroom renovations in Sydney, especially when you are looking to redesign a smaller bathroom. This design can greatly save up on your space. This smart choice is sure to increase the value of your home after the remodel. Furthermore, this would suit bathrooms of all styles and will be a perfect fit for contemporary and modern decors.

Textured shower tile

You might have a lot of options when it comes to flooring, wall and tile choices for your bathroom. But, you must always focus on the safety feature when it comes to the tiling of your bathroom shower. You can opt for small, textured shower tile. These textured tiles will keep your feet from slipping off the floor when it gets soapy or wet. Also, they are easy to clean and can resist stain and mould. There are also many styles and décor possibilities, patterns and colours that can add to the maximum visual impact to offer your home with that appealing look.

Including Window in the Shower

One of the principal enemies of a clean bathroom is the humidity that stays behind in the area due to insufficient ventilation. Though including an exhaust fan for the bathroom can make a difference, natural ventilation is always the best. So the best bathroom renovations Sydney idea is to add a window to your shower to keep it free from mould and mildew. Also, having a window adds up to the aesthetic benefits of the space.

Recessed Wall Cabinet

You can add to a sleeker look to your bathroom with the recessed bathroom cabinet. Install it a few inches within the wall, so that you can save up some space, and make your bathroom look modern. This will prove to be very useful if you install this cabinet near the vanity so that you don’t have a search around every time to look for your essentials.

A bathroom remodelling should improve more on functionality and style. So, when it comes to planning on the improvement of your bathroom space, discuss some of these important enhancements with your bathroom renovation company Sydney.

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