Tips and tricks on how to choose a good washing machine

  1. The size of the drum.

The size of the drum has changed in recent years. The average drum capacity was 5 kg at 5 years. Currently, many households choose washing machines with greater volumetric capacity. The market has a capacity of up to 11 kg, which is equivalent to 55 men’s shirts. Choosing a larger drum for a washing machine can reduce the load and, therefore, the time and detergents. Larger capacities can also give you the option of washing blankets at home instead of paying for dry cleaning. Many people avoid larger drums because they think they need enough clothes to fill the machine to start washing. That is not true, modern washing machines give you the opportunity to choose between full load or half load.

  1. The drying process.

It is also important to answer the question of how dry your clothes should be when you take it out of the goedkope wasmachine. The spin speed can vary from 1000 to 1600 turns, and for every 200 turns, the jump clothes will dry by 10%. Look for a car that has the ability to select the turning speed instead of a single on / off button. Therefore, you can even dry clothes made of certain materials, which require less speed than when the washer is fully loaded.

  1. The noise.

Many people complain about the noise of their washing machine. In case you turn on the machine at night to take advantage of the lower cost of electricity, make sure your new washing machine does not wake you up when you start unrolling your clothes to dry it. If you can test the car before buying, feel free to do so.

  1. Washing modes.

What king of clothes do you wash most often? Is it sportswear, wool, silk, cotton, hand wash or jeans? Many washing machines have different modes for each case: the wool ones will retain their shape, the color of their jeans can remain the same. If you have a lot of clothes with delicate fabrics,

The hand wash mode will save you a lot of manual work. Some machines even have settings for easy ironing or wrinkle protection. Choose the ones that suit your specific needs.

  1. The energy consumed.

Keep in mind that expensive cars can cost less per year. It depends on energy and water consumption. Each washer is labeled with a US energy efficiency rating. There you can find information on the amount of washing machines. Energy rating classifications start from A to A +++, through A + and A ++. What does this mean? A model with an A + rating is 10% more energy efficient than the A model, the A ++ model is 20% more efficient and so on.

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