The Top Questions to Ask Your Heating Oil Supplier


Contrary to popular belief, it’s worth noting that 50% of the energy usage in a typical home or business stems from the type of heating oil used on site, which is why it’s so important to ensure that you’ve established a long-term relationship with a renowned local supplier in today’s day and age.

So if you happen to be interested in switching suppliers or learning more about your options, feel free to use this brief article as your own personal reference guide to help you vet the local landscape.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

With energy deregulation sweeping the globe, there have been a seemingly infinite number of inexperienced, poorly-equipped firms entering the heating oil sector during the past several years. So if you’d like to avoid fluctuating rates, ineffectual services, and low-grade heating oils, it’s in your best interests to ensure that you’re partnering with a well-established firm as opposed to a pop-up shop or recently incorporated supplier.

In this regard, it’s worth mentioning that the best-rated companies, such as Hobbs Bros Heating Oil in Cheltenham, have been in business for many decades and they have received plenty of local awards over the years.

How Many Products Do You Offer?

In an industry as nuanced and multifaceted as the modern heating oil sector, you’ll have to confirm that your supplier is able to procure the following products on a 24/7/365 basis:

  • A full assortment of domestic heating oils
  • Diesel provisions
  • Gas oils
  • Lubricants
  • Industrial greases
  • AGA cooker supplies

Working with a versatile, adaptable company will guarantee that you’ll be able to find the exact products you need without tearing a hole through your wallet along the way.

How Large Is Your Fleet?

During the dead of winter, the last thing that you’ll want to deal with is a delayed delivery, shortage of stock, or exorbitant rates so the onus is on you to evaluate your supplier’s fleet before signing on the dotted line. Ideally, your supplier will feature the following:

  • Storage space for up to 1,000,000 litres of product
  • 10+ dedicated drivers
  • Large six-wheel tankers
  • Smaller four-wheel tankers
  • Unimog tankers for all-weather deliveries
  • Daily drop-side lubricant vehicles
  • Product collection vehicles

Do You Offer Service Contracts?

Depending upon your specific usage rates and oil needs, you’ll want to work with a company that can handle personalised delivery schedules and modified requests on a year-round basis, ideally by way of a tailor-made payment schedule within a widespread coverage area.

After all, having access to a company that can provide comprehensive heating solutions for your ever-changing needs is imperative nowadays.

Are You a Family-Owned Business?

Avoiding fast-talking sales tactics, lengthy contracts, and poor service is much easier said than done in today’s day and age but it’s worth noting that privately-owned generational companies tend to be more reliable and friendly than large multinational conglomerates. As a result, you’ll be best served by partnering with a firm that has carved out a respectable niche within your community as opposed to a massive corporation with no local ties.

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