The Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains


We depend on having plumbed facilities in full working order at home so that we can wash the dishes, enjoy a hot shower in the morning, and flush away our waste. However, you won’t be able to wake up in the morning with a shower if your drains are blocked. Sometimes, a blocked drain is nothing more than a nuisance, but other times, such an issue can lead to a disaster. If your home has flooded or you can’t get liquids to move down the drains at all, you might have a blockage, and you need to address the issue sooner rather than later to keep the repair costs to a minimum.

All it takes is a quick Google search to find plumbers in your local area, but the search engines don’t necessarily rank companies in order of reliability. When you have blocked drains in Whitstable, you need the professionals to reach your property quickly and restore your drains to their former condition, and it’s vital that they diagnose the problem accurately so that they can subsequently carry out the required repairs. Don’t just choose the first company you find – pick a company that’s earned a reputation for excellence.

Drains can become blocked for a broad range of reasons, from tree roots penetrating the pipes underground to children clogging them up with toys and loose objects. Even a build-up of hair can lead to blockages, and congealed fats and oils can also be a problem. If you want your drains fixed correctly the first time, it’s crucial to get to the root of the issue first. Below, this article takes a look at the most common causes of block drains in a little more detail.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Unless you have the required skills and training, it’s best to let the professionals diagnose the problem that’s resulting in blocked drains. However, here are some of the things that plumbers look out for when carrying out an inspection:

  • Foreign objects: Loose items of jewellery and toys can lead to blockages in your drain pipes, even if nobody ever intended to throw them down the toilet or sink. Believe it or not, some people take to throwing leftover food down the toilet, which can also lead to blocked drains.
  • Trees: Tree and plant roots are always on the lookout for moisture, and sometimes, they locate drainage pipes and penetrate them to absorb the water that flows through. Unfortunately, this often leads to pipes becoming completely blocked.
  • Hair: Drains can become clogged with hair over time unless you take preventative measures to stop the hair from going into the pipes. You can buy devices that catch hair to prevent blockages, which could save you money on repairs in the long run.

Find a Company You Can Trust

Make sure you only hire professionals who use the latest equipment, such as specialised cameras, to diagnose what’s causing your blocked drains accurately, and search for a company that has a wealth of experience and a reputation for being reliable.

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