The Importance of Property Preservation


For most of us, buying a house is the biggest single investment we will ever make, and with that in mind, it makes perfect sense to maintain and preserve the property as much as possible. Many things can attack a building, and often, it is not noticeable until the damage has been done, which is why you should conduct regular structural inspections.


This four letter word can cause irreparable damage to any property, and with the damp climate we have in the UK, all structures should have adequate damp proofing, which will protect the structure from the dampness that the British weather brings. There are specialist companies that are dedicated to providing damp proofing solutions for domestic and commercial environments. Rising damp might have been a funny comedy program, but in reality, the moisture that creeps up a brick or stone building is definitely no joke, and older buildings that would have had a bitumen layer of damp proofing set into the brickwork, might require some additional work, as it only takes one break in the layer to allow damp to creep upwards.

Dry Rot

Another homeowner’s deadly enemy, dry rot is a timber destroying fungus that grows on wet wood, which is usually untreated. Once dry rot is present, the only way to eliminate it is to call in a professional company to apply a treatment. Dry rot can quickly spread and unless it is treated, it will continue to eat away at the internal timbers, eventually causing serious damage.

Wet Rot

It is often difficult to tell the difference between wet and dry rot, and if you notice anything unusual regarding the internal timber structure, it is best to call in the experts. You might require wet rot treatment in Scotland, and with an online search, you will locate a reliable contractor who can quickly identify and remedy the problem. Wet rot, like its dry counterpart, thrives in damp conditions, so if you think you have wet rot, the chances are, there is damp present, and a thorough inspection is recommended. The average person wouldn’t know where to begin with this kind of analysis, but there are online property preservation companies that deal with all aspects of protecting a building against decay.


Another arch enemy of a property owner, woodworm can cause havoc if not dealt with quickly, and this wood boring beetle is a menace, as it devours timber at an alarming rate. Scotland has the perfect climate for woodworm, and there are affordable solutions, with online companies who can arrange a home visit and diagnose your problems and apply the best treatment. The insects themselves are rather elusive, but you cannot fail to notice the tell-tale holes and small piles of wood dust that accompanies them.

Your home is a major investment and preserving it should be a priority, and with a range of potentially dangerous funguses and insects, it makes sense to call in the experts and have them carry out a thorough inspection.

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