The Benefits of a Translucent Roof


A translucent roof is created using the strength of polycarbonate, a thermoplastic material designed to withstand extreme high and low temperatures and to be exceptionally lightweight. This highly practical and durable roofing material is the perfect option for the construction of conservatories, deck areas, patios, and any other type of structure inside of which you want to allow natural light. Although not a practical material for roofing over the entire property, it is the perfect solution for any addition to the home in which you plan to relax, bond, and otherwise enjoy together with those you love.


Translucent roofing is among the most lightweight options available, meaning that you never need to worry about the structure of your home being put under any significant stress. In addition, this will provide the benefit of light weight without losing any durability, allowing you to enjoy many years from the material with minimal maintenance beyond simply cleaning it on occasion. The simplicity of this beautiful material will make your new conservatory or deck area far easier to enjoy alone or with company.

In addition, the light weight of this material will make it perfect in a commercial setting because it can be easily transported and installed on any area of a building. No matter if you want to have the entire warehouse built with the material for its roofing or just a portion, it will cost significantly less to transport this material and be much less labour-intensive to install. This should allow you to further save time and money throughout the process of setting up your new commercial building and then getting it ready to open to the public.


Polycarbonate panels are designed to withstand force and are virtually unbreakable, meaning that no errant bird striking the surface or severe weather will cause cracks or damage. This is a large part of the reason why this material is often utilised in the construction of bulletproof police shields. Some home and business owners worry that by choosing a translucent material they become targets for burglary; however, the simple truth of the matter is that this material is stronger than many others more commonly used in the construction of roofs.

UV Protection

Although translucent, this material can block UV radiation, the invisible product of the sun responsible for tanning, sunburns, skin cancer, and the unreasonably high temperatures of Australia’s summer. Not only should you be able to enjoy more time in the building in comfortable conditions but you will not need to layer on the sunscreen just to protect yourself while spending time in your own home or business. This is also a great benefit for commercial buildings as the building can be naturally lit up without the worry of any UV radiation causing trouble for workers and customers. Orangeries and conservatories are ideal structures to have on a property because they add real value to the home, increase its beauty, and provide additional living space without the exorbitant cost of a full-blown home expansion project.

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