Sufficiently Supporting Your Building’s Weight


The use of piling is necessary for some buildings. A pile foundation is a type of ground treatment that is used to form a building’s base. The practice entails driving piles into the dirt below ground level. This is done to strengthen the soil and support a building’s weight load. The depth of the piling is dependent on a structure’s size. Larger-sized buildings require deeper foundations.

Other Support Services

After the piling procedure is finished, other services can also be utilised, including the installation of slabs or reinforced ground beams. Therefore, the placement of piling means getting started off on the right footing, so to speak. Driven piles are usually considered for use in sand or gravel, contaminated ground, ground that features a high water table, or made ground.

Types of Piles

Various piles can be used to transfer the load of a structure to the ground. Piling contractors use piles such as screw piles, steel-cased driven piles, or auger-bored piles for creating foundations. Once a piling contractor visits your site, he or she can recommend the proper piling materials and methods to use for your project. You will receive a free quote for the project as well.

Steel-Cased Driven Piles

Steel-cased driven piles, in particular, offer a customer a number of benefits. When steel-cased piles are used, they offer a straightforward approach and a cost-efficient solution for buildings with lighter loads. The piles are adaptable as they can be easily lengthened or cut and the casings can be sized in any length as well. Therefore, the piles are available in a large range of diameters.

Minimal Waste

No arising material or spoil develops from the pilings, too, which saves on the cost of disposal. Steel-cased driven piles are ideal for use on restricted sites where removing the soil can be expensive and challenging. Therefore, the main benefit from installing the foundation is the minimal waste that it creates.

The Types of Construction Equipment That Are Used

The construction equipment that is used for driven pile installations normally includes a crane, hammer and leads, and hydraulic or air hammer power pack. A helper crane may also be included in the project. With respect to constructability, as noted, driven piles offer more flexibility when the length of the pile needs revision.

When Repairs Need to Be Made

Driven pile constructions also require minimum penetration. The piles, which are normally delivered free of flaws, may be damaged during or after installation. The damage is normally easily spotted. If a repair needs to be made, it usually consists of installing a new pile.

Meeting Construction Times and Costs

Driven piles can be made of steel, concrete, or timber. Again, they adapt well to specific site restrictions or conditions. Time is of the essence when construction is performed. That is why driven piles are often preferred for building projects. Not only are they easier to install but they make it possible for project managers to stay on course with their construction plans and costs. If you want to follow a cost-efficient process, you will not be disappointed with this quality engineering solution.

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