Save on Energy Use with a Wood-Burning or Multi-Fuel Stove


Not only are wood stoves today modern in style but they also give you an opportunity to cut your energy costs. Whilst the stoves are designed primarily to burn wood, they are also made to burn soapstone using the thermal mass principle.

Therefore, a stove that is designed using this principle heats up a room relatively quickly when wood is used. If soapstone is used, the heat is gradually released over a long time. You can buy a thermal mass wood-burning stove from an experienced stove supplier in Exeter. Some stove styles feature a baking oven that is set over a combustion chamber.

Pellet Stoves

You can also buy pellet stoves to heat your home. Some of the benefits associated with this stove design include the following:

  • Remote control or touch display operation
  • The ability to heat a fairly sizable area up to 180 m2 of living space
  • A stove that fits into various decors
  • Clean-burn technology of new stoves ensures energy efficiency of around 97%
  • A pellet tank that holds up to 21 kg of pellets in some stoves
  • A basic and comfortable operation

Smartphone Operation

Today, stoves can be operated with an app that can be downloaded to Android or IOS technologies. Therefore, you can control various features with a smartphone.

Stay Warm and Cosy with a Premium Wood Stove

If you want to find a heating product that is environmentally- and energy-friendly and offers a good amount of heat, you cannot go wrong with the selection of a wood stove. Take time today to review the various styles online.

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