Roofing Options to Consider


If you are planning to design and build your dream home, there is a lot to consider, especially with the roofing, which must protect the property from the harsh British weather. Aside from the roof design, there are many materials that can be used, and here are just a few of the common materials we use for roofing today.

  • Slate – The timeless look of a slate roof is still in demand, and despite the emergence of composite materials, you can’t beat a slate roof that has been professionally installed. Finding a roofing company in Tamworth is simplified using an online search, and while a slate roof is never going to be cheap, it will last a lifetime.
  • Traditional Roof Shingles – Still the most popular choice for UK homeowners, a tiled roof will stand the test of time, and should any shingles become broken or dislodged, they can easily be replaced.
  • Felt Roofing – Ideal for flat rooves, the felt is multi-layered and can also be torched-on, which provides a completely waterproof surface. Felt roofing is low cost and can be completed quite quickly, and should you be looking for a nearby roofing company that offers felt roofing, a Google search will help.

If you talk to a local roofing contractor, they can outline all of your options, and with a firm budget in mind, the contractor can design and build a roof that will stand the test of time, as well as complementing the property. A long warranty assures peace of mind and with a choice of colours, you can transform the look of your home.

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