Extra Large Tiles The Pros And The Cons


Find out about the downsides and upsides of extra large tiles so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your project.

Extra large tiles have been around for a while, but only now are they finally in the spotlight. That is because various interior design colour and pattern trends have included them, and because the level of quality in the printing has become so advanced, they are much more of a versatile choice than they used to be. You can expect to see extra large tiles everywhere in the coming year.

When considering extra large tiles for your interior decorating project it is important not to simply go with the trend. As tempting as it is to do that, it always pays to make an informed choice with any building material you apply to your home.

The Pros And Cons Of Extra Large Tiles


Very Easy All Round

Easy to maintain, to clean, to cut and install, to fix any repairs so you don’t need to worry about expensive or time-consuming issues as a result of using this flooring.


You can use extra large tiles in so many different types of projects. You can use them as flooring, on walls, as working surfaces, outdoor surfaces and even in designs that are not linear.


You can place large format tiles on old tile, as long as the surface is even and sturdy. This is excellent for renovations, saving money, time and mess.

Often Cheaper Than The Materials They Copy

Porcelain large tiles can look like brick, concrete, marble, granite, wood or expensive natural stone, but because the materials are only printed, the overall cost is cheaper.


Large tiles look gorgeous when fitted properly, creating a seamless finish.

Can Be Custom Made

Lots of companies will custom-cut tiles to your needs, and some companies can even custom print porcelain tiles to your needs although there is likely no need for this because of the exceptional range of large tile designs available.



In some instances you may have to pay more for extra large tiles. It isn’t always the case, but in some situations they do cost more than smaller tiles. However, it is important to remember they are a lot cheaper compared to natural stone large tiles.


In most cases you need a professional to fit the tiles for you. With smaller tiles, you can Youtube the instructions but with larger tiles, often a Youtube video is unlikely to include enough information for you to be able to do a really good job. For the expense of the tiles, it does pay to put a little more into the budget to enable a professional to fit the tiles properly for you.


Moving smaller tiles is easy enough to do and anyone can move a few tiles at a time. You can also easily put smaller tiles into a boot or even in the back of a well-protected car. With larger tiles it is hard to move even one tile without two people, and you will likely need professional delivery. It is worth mentioning though that often the fitter is able to source and transport the tiles for you, so you can get a great package with all the work and transport included.

Extra Large Tiles – A Great Choice All Things Considered

When you weigh up the pros and cons of extra large tiles, it is often apparent that the pros outweigh the cons in most scenarios. Of course there is a place for smaller tiles in many home interior projects. But, the seamless and sleek look of larger tiles and their incredible versatility mean they are a great choice all things considered.

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