Prepare for Disasters and Secure Your Home


Natural disasters are unavoidable and the damage that they can inflict can be costly. Some natural disasters are regional while others can be sporadic. Coastal homes are obviously more susceptible to flooding due to hurricanes and storm surges. The same is true for homes that live on river fronts. Some areas in the USA are on fault lines and can experience earthquakes. Earthquakes can cause quite a bit of structural damage to homes. The Midwest also experiences tornados which can demolish entire towns within mere seconds. What about homes that are typically not in “danger zones”? You might not live near a river but during times of excessive flooding if it crests you might still end up taking in some water.

Water is extremely damaging because you cannot have it remediated until it recedes in the event of localized flooding. Remediation teams will then move in quickly and work with your home owners’ insurance company to cover the costs or a portion of the cost of the remediation.

You can also experience water damage that is localized to your own home. You might go away on a vacation and come home to burst pipes that have caused extensive damage due to water seeping through drywall and levels of your home. If the water was not shut off it would keep leaking and causing damage. In this instance the dry wall, ceilings and baseboards would all need to be taken apart. Industrial fans would be brought in to dry out the house. If mold began to grow, then it would be remediated as well.

Water is especially damaging because mold thrives in dark and wet environments. When mold takes over your house you are exposing your loved ones to spores that can cause a wide variety of health concerns and air borne pathogens. Properly trained remediation teams will go into you home in hazardous material clothing that is secure. This will keep the crew safe while they remove all impacted areas.

Your insurance company will refer you to a few mold remediation st louis mo companies that they can use, It can take weeks for the process to be complete and you will need a contractor to have walls and flooring re-installed. If the damage was severe you may also need to replace appliances and furniture. You will need to secure alternate living arrangements while the water and mold are being removed from your home. You may need to look for a short-term lease to save money since hotel expenses can add up. Your homeowners’ insurance may also cover living expenses while the work is being performed on your home.

Water damage caused by localized flooding or natural disasters is devastating and can definitely be extremely disruptive. If you live in a region where this happens you should familiarize yourself with all flood coverage details You should also have  have an emergency plan intact.

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